OPTIMISM fuels our PERSEVERANCE, GRATITUDE nurtures our COMPASSION, and LEARNING propels our growth.

Embrace all of these values, and you will find the strength to THRIVE in any situation.”

My mission is to inspire and empower individuals to fully embrace life, continuously grow through challenges, and find joy in every experience. As an aspirant of thriving, I am committed to personal growth while savoring the pleasures of life.

Behind the Scenes

8 Quirky Facts About Me

Global Explorer

My life’s a globe-trotting adventure! Born in sunny Abidjan (Ivory Coast), I navigated childhood in chic Paris (France), surfed into adulthood in sunny San Diego (USA), hustled up the corporate ladder in glitzy Dubai (UAE), and leaped into entrepreneurship in charming Lisbon (Portugal). I’ve truly lived across four continents!

It’s true, I live without a pancreas! Born with hereditary Chronic Pancreatitis, my genes, unfortunately, programmed my pancreatic enzymes to attack the organ itself since birth. This led to its complete destruction, resulting in type 1 diabetes and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. But here I am, thriving against the odds.

No matter what life throws at you – feeling unwell, exhausted, or just in need of a mood boost – my universal remedy? Power walking! It’s not just a hobby; it’s my go-to solution for everything. Whether you’re facing life’s lows or just looking to enjoy the highs, I say, “Walk it off!” And yes, my home must always be within strolling distance of a good park.

Yes, I’m dyslexic, and it’s been quite the journey. From early doubts (even my mother was skeptical!) to embracing it as my superpower. Sure, I jumble up letters as much as I love power walking, but who said life’s a spelling bee? Dyslexia hasn’t just been about navigating challenges; it’s been about discovering unique ways to see and create in the world. So, while I may not ace every spelling test, I’m acing the test of creativity!

Guilty as charged, I’m that person who eagerly shares everything I learn. From psychology to evolutionary theories, my enthusiasm for a wide range of topics knows no bounds. A heartfelt thanks to all my friends who graciously listen to my daily discoveries.

Yes, I’m French – nobody’s perfect! Let’s debunk a stereotype: we do shower! This misconception dates back to the French Court at Versailles, where bathing was believed to cause illness. Instead, nobles drenched themselves in perfume, leading to an overpowering mix of scents and the birth of an enduring stereotype.

I dreamed of being a ‘professional reader’ – imagine getting paid to dive into books all day! Though I doubted my literary skills due to my struggles with French, life had a surprise in store. Not only did I embrace reading, but I also ventured into writing, turning my childhood fantasy into reality. Life lesson: Dream big and read bigger.

My laugh is so uniquely hilarious, it could easily win a trophy in the ‘World’s Most Unconventional Laughs’ competition. It’s not just a chuckle, it’s an experience!

Life Thriver aspirant

/lʌɪf θrʌɪv/


A life thriver is an individual committed to flourishing, regardless of life’s obstacles. This person embraces personal accountability, transforms difficulties into opportunities, remains true to their own identity, and prioritizes living a fulfilling life to the utmost extent. All the while, they maintain compassion and withhold judgment towards others.

What I value in life


Optimism is a powerful value that can change the way we see the world and our place in it. It’s the belief that things will get better, that the future holds endless possibilities, and that with hard work and determination, we can achieve our dreams.

An optimistic outlook allows us to look at challenges as opportunities to grow and learn, rather than as setbacks. It gives us the courage to take risks and the resilience to bounce back from failures. It helps us to keep going even when the going gets tough, knowing that things will eventually improve.


Perseverance is a valuable trait that can help us achieve our goals and overcome obstacles in life. It means having the determination and resilience to keep going, even in the face of adversity. By persevering, we challenge ourselves to grow and become stronger. It’s important to remember that difficulties and setbacks are a natural part of life, and that true success comes from the ability to persevere through them and learn from the lessons these challenges teach us. With a steadfast attitude, we can push through the most trying of times and come out on the other side stronger and better for it.


Gratitude is an important value that can help us appreciate what we have and find positivity in our lives. As humans, we tend to focus on the things we lack or lose, often neglecting the abundance we possess, thinking it is merely ordinary. Gratitude allows us to shift our perspective and focus on the good things, helping us to avoid dwelling on the negative aspects. Recognizing and expressing gratitude can bring contentment and happiness, even in the face of difficult situations. While it’s natural to experience sadness or anger when life seems unfair, practicing gratitude can lead us to find balance and acceptance amidst adversity.


Compassion is a value that I hold dear. It means understanding that everyone has their own set of experiences and struggles that shape their actions and behaviors. By taking the time to try and understand where someone is coming from, it becomes easier to empathize with them and treat them with kindness and understanding.

This is important because it helps to create a more compassionate and understanding world, where people are able to connect with and support one another, despite their differences. By embracing compassion, we can work towards a more peaceful and harmonious society.


Learning is one of my core values as it allows for continuous growth and development. I firmly believe that if we stop learning, we start living a stagnant existence.

Challenging our beliefs and staying open to the idea that we might be wrong is crucial for personal growth. To me, failure is not the absence of success, but the failure to learn from our mistakes and experiences. I am committed to a lifelong pursuit of learning, as it is the key to unlocking new opportunities and reaching our full potential.


Coline's Official Bio

Coline Monsarrat is the author of “You Are Not an Imposter” – a book that tells the tale of how imposter syndrome almost cost her her life in 2020 and what she did to overcome it.

Born with a chronic illness, Coline has faced her fair share of challenges, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, she’s turned those lemons into lemonade (or a book, in this case). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. But, after spending years working in the global luxury perfume industry, she’s decided to pursue a career that brings more meaning to her life: making kids dream.

Currently residing in the beautiful city of Lisbon, where she’s busy penning the next adventure of Aria & Liam- a middle-grade book series she launched in 2022.