The Journey Beyond Imposter Syndrome: Shattering the Imposter Mask

Essential advice from an author whose near-death experience forced her to confront her own imposter syndrome.

Book cover "You Are Not an Imposter"

January 26th, 2023 – While some 70 percent of people admit to having experienced imposter syndrome — feelings that they’re a fraud and aren’t good enough — the condition becomes dangerous if we allow it to infiltrate our careers and our lives.

Coline Monsarrat’s new book, You Are Not an Imposter: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Unlock Your True Potential So You Can Thrive (Apicem Publishing, January 26th, 2023), is part memoir, part self-help book. Through raw and honest storytelling, she shares her personal journey of overcoming imposter syndrome, while also providing a wealth of research and insightful guidance for regaining control over one’s life.

Delving into the ways in which the pervasive syndrome takes hold, along with how it manifests in both work and personal life, Monsarrat shines a spotlight on the enormous toll that imposter syndrome takes. She reveals how a traumatic event in her childhood evolved into 25 years of masking feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Workaholism, people-pleasing, and the pretense that she was invincible affected her career and health — almost killing her.  

The author’s personal experience of imposter syndrome provides a relatable case study, and her empowering strategies for unraveling its pernicious grip are imbued with legitimacy as she offers actionable advice from her own battle to break free.

Key Messages: With frank honesty from personal experience, along with extensive understanding of the science behind imposter syndrome, Monsarrat can address:

  • How imposter syndrome manifests for both men and women in professional settings
  • How the syndrome insidiously sabotages personal success
  • What role confirmation bias plays in allowing imposter syndrome to become entrenched
  • What urgent actions one must take to invalidate beliefs around being an imposter
  • How to reframe negative self-talk and create new neural pathways

From understanding the science behind imposter syndrome to providing practical strategies for change, You Are Not an Imposter is a transformative guide for those seeking to understand the impact of beliefs on behaviors, the hidden cost of imposter syndrome, and the strategies needed to reclaim control and reach their full potential.

Although imposter syndrome is not an official psychiatric diagnosis, the impact is widely recognized by psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors who have to assist people like us who believe that they are imposters in their own lives.

Coline Monsarrat

About the Author

Coline Monsarrat is a passionate author driven by a mission to help others thrive. She weaves captivating stories that transcend boundaries. Whether through her insightful nonfiction work or the adventure YA book series Aria & Liam, she imparts valuable wisdom that inspires readers to overcome challenges and embrace their potential.

Her new book, You Are Not an Imposter: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Unlock Your True Potential So You Can Thrive (Apicem Publishing, January 26th, 2023), offers a powerful and personal exploration of this all-too-common condition.

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